On the paint table

Currently working on "40k: Raider"

Recently finished

  1. 2023-02-22 : SoB: Guardian of Targa
  2. 2021-03-30 : Gloomhaven: Hatchet
  3. 2021-03-30 : Gloomhavent: Red Guard
  4. 2020-10-26 : Malifaux: Shadows of Redchapel
  5. 2020-06-28 : 40k: Start collecting drukhari box

Finished this year

  1. 2023-02-22 : SoB: Guardian of Targa
What's this?

I am heavily invested in the miniature painting hobby. So much so that I easily lose track of what I'm working on and more importantly, finished. I set up a Trello board to keep myself organized so I decided to make a page to consume Trello's API to create a kind of "executive summary" to track my progess as it is more encouraging to see what has been done instead of staring at what is left to do.

The name is adopted from Guerilla Miniature Game channel's weekly feature on youTube.